What the fructose readings should be in level of 6 in HBA1C for a type 1 diabetic?

by Quraishia
(South Africa)

QUESTION: I have been a type 1 diabetic for the last 10 months. My doctor has told me that they cannot do a HBA1C as I have some kind of a disorder in my blood that does not give a reading. They however do a fructose test.

Would you be able to tell me what my fructose readings should be to be in level of 6 in HBA1C?

ANSWER: Hi Quraishia,

I’m glad that you are watching closely the development of your diabetes.

First of all I have to explain you few things, in purpose to understand why it is not possible for someone to establish a connection between blood fructose concentration and HbA1c level.

1. The first one is that diabetics have to keep their HbA1c or A1C level under 7%, according to ADA guidelines.

2. The second thing is that it is very hard for someone to establish a connection between the fructose concentration in the organism and the A1C level, especially when there is blood condition.

  • The first reason why this is extremely hard is because the hemoglobin gets glycated not only by the fructose molecule, but even by the glucose.

    Besides this, the glucose is in larger concentration in the blood, which means that it has greater affect in the formation of the glycated hemoglobin.

  • The other thing, which is important, is that the A1C value depends on the number of the red blood cells and on the Hb (hemoglobin) value in the organism.

    When there is a blood condition, like in your case, which excludes the A1C test as an option, there is probably not normal red blood cell count or your hemoglobin value is low.

    So, as you can see by yourself there are a lot of factors, which are playing a role in here. The only advice, which I can give you, is to control your blood glucose level in a very good way.

    In addition, if you notice sever changes in your blood glucose concentration, you should consult with your physician. This is important, because diabetes is progressive diseases, which means that at certain point you have to start working harder than usual.

    Keep this in mind and everything will be ok.

    Hope it helped!


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