What is the blood sugar level of a 9 year old boy?

QUESTION: What is the blood sugar level of a 9 year old boy?

ANSWER: Hi there,

It is good that you are wondering about every detail of your kid and now I will try to help you with everything I know.

Generally, the people under the age of 18 are divided in two groups according to their blood glucose references ranges.

The first group is newborns, for which we are not interested in this case.

The second group is represented by children between 1 to 18 years. This is the group in which your kid takes place.

So, according to the information provided by ADA, the reference blood glucose level for those kids have to be from 2.75 up to 5.55mg/dl or 50-100mmol/l, depending on the unit of measurement.

As you can see by yourself, the blood glucose concentration of your kid has to be lower than yours for example.

I hope that your kid is doing fine, and you are asking just from curiosity. However, if you are worried about something else, don’t hesitate to contact us or your son doctor.

Hope it helped!

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