What is so special for bayer blood sugar monitoring?

QUESTION: What is so special for bayer blood sugar monitoring?

ANSWER: Hi there,

I want you to keep in mind that there are a lot of apparatuses on the market, with which you can measure your blood glucose level at home.

Besides, there are several companies, which produce those small devices, but the differences between all them are the price and the quality.

Generally speaking, the cheap blood glucose meters are not as effective and accurate as the expensive ones.

In addition, the cheap blood glucose meters are going to work for about 5-6 months, but the expensive ones will work for longer period.

  • Anyways, regarding the Bayer’s contour blood glucose monitoring system, you have to know few things.

    The first one is that it costs around 80usd, but you can find it in lower price on the internet.

    Besides this, the producer gives you a guarantee for proper functioning during the first two years of its usage. According to this, you can return the product, if it is not working well or if you accidently break it.

  • Something else is that you have to use only the test strips, produced by Bayer, because this meter will not work with other test strips.

    I’m not able to tell you about the accuracy of this device, but according to the producer, the result deviations are appearing in only very small number of blood samples.

    However, you can always check the accuracy of every blood glucose home monitoring system by making a test with the device and making another blood glucose test in the laboratory at the same time. If the results are equal, your meter works fine.

    According to my opinion, you have to buy this meter mainly because of the guarantee, because this can save your money and you will not buy another device for some time.

    Hope it helped!


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