What complications may arise from type 1 diabetes?

by Ammy
(New Jersey )

QUESTION: I am recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (hereditary) and worried about the risk for any complication in my body?

If I keep blood sugar under control do I have same risk as non-diabetics, or higher? And how does my type 1 diabetes cause these complications?

ANSWER: Hi Ammy,

In purpose to understand at first I will mention the most common diabetic complications, which are retinopathy, neuropathy and microangiopathy.

These complications are observed in patients, who are not controlling their blood glucose level and they are typical only for diabetics.

It is true that other patients without diabetes are able to develop those conditions, but in those cases the exact cause is different.

If you keep your blood glucose level within the normal ranges, the risk for developing those conditions mentioned above is low, but not equal to those patients, who don’t have diabetes.

Your risk is higher regarding the risk of non-diabetic patients.

Retinopathy stands for eye damages, during which the patient losses his/her ability to see. This is happening, because the elevated blood glucose level causes clothing of the arteries, which are bringing blood to the eye. When there is no blood, the eye “dies”.

Neuropathy is condition during which you are losing sensation for hot, cold, touch and others. This neuropathy appears, because the arteries, which are providing blood for the nerves are blocked. This blockage appears because of the elevated blood glucose level.

During microangiopathy, elevated blood glucose level causes clothing of the small blood vessels in the organism.

There is not particular part of the body and this can happen everywhere. You have to know that neuropathy and retinopathy are appearing because of the microangiopathy.

You have to know that this condition can lead to myocardial infarction and stroke-life threatening conditions.

The major cause of all these condition, occurred during diabetes, is the elevate blood glucose level. This elevation leads to changes in the whole metabolism and formation of cloths, which stop the normal blood flow.

Because of this, the only possible way for you to avoid those conditions is to keep your blood glucose level within the normal ranges.

I know that it is hard, but you can do this, it is a matter for your health after all.

Hope it helped!


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