What are butterfly and lance on test strip for testing glucose in blood?

Hi there,

At first I want you to know that there are a lot of blood glucose meters on the market and all of them are different, according to their price, outfit and size.

However, all they contain the same components: meter, lance and test strip.

Generally you have to put the test strip in the meter first.

Then you have to stab your finger with the lance until small drop of blood appears on it.

At last you have to put this small drop of blood on the test strip and the glucose meter will do the rest.

Regarding your question about the butterfly on the test strip, you have to know that the butterfly is more like a logo of the company.

However, it indicates the right direction to which you have to put the test strip in the meter.

Remember, the head of the butterfly has to point the meter and the back of the butterfly indicates the spot, where you have to place the blood drop.

In addition, I want you to remember that not all test strips have butterfly on it.

The only test strips, which have such logo, are those produced by Abbott (pharmaceutical company).

Hope it helped!

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