This is wayyyyyyyyyyyy too many carbs for most prediabeics/diabetics - why is that?

by Dixie

OPINION: For me to keep my blood sugar levels steady I can not do this diet and I would think most could not either.


I see that you find it difficult to follow this diabetic diet. I say it's not.

I understand that there are many foods mentioned there and you might become confused. I am sorry if I brought confusion to you. That was not my intention.

I just wanted to mention all the foods that might be included in a diabetes diet. As you may note, they involve all kind of foods, no restriction.

The only NOTABLE RESTRICTION is the portion.

Let's say meat, I know you might consume meat. If cannot prepare your own dishes or if no one else can prepare for you, you should "measure" how much meat you prepare.

Here I'm not saying to take a scale with you. I am just trying to help you figure out how much you are eating and should eat from everything.

To make it easier for you, please tell me your favorite or foods you find at your hometown, so I can prepare a meal menu for you to follow all the day.

You should also tell me what job you are doing (I need to calculate the calories you burn to understand how much to supply).

Thank you.

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