The Risks of Blood Sugar of 160 During Early Pregnancy?

by Harisha

QUESTION: Now I'm 8 weeks pregnant..but my blood sugar is 160..

It's scaring me..Is this risk to my body..& baby's health?

ANSWER: Hi Harisha,

First, I want to remind you that the normal blood glucose concentration is between 64.8 and 104.4mg/dl and according to these values a result of 160 is very high. Such result talks about problems with the glucose metabolism, for which you have to do few things.

  • At the beginning, it would be great to talk with your doctor for additional testing in purpose to avoid false positive results. However, if this result is real, you will probably have to start paying attention to what you are eating and to what you are doing.

  • Generally speaking, such results speaks about diabetes. This means that you will have to start treating it during the pregnancy in purpose to maintain your blood glucose level within the reference ranges mentioned above.

    The exact treatment can be applied only by your doctor, according to the test results and your current generally condition. Such treatment includes glucose lowering medications, diet and exercises.

  • There are a lot of drugs, used for the treatment of diabetes and I’m sure that your healthcare provider will chose the one, which suits you most.

  • Regarding the diet, you have to concentrate on low-fat and low-carb meals, in purpose to reduce the intake of glucose.

    Generally, you have to eat 5 small meals a day, which are composed mainly of fish, chicken, vegetables and others. You must avoid eating pork, beef, bread and other stuff, which are powerful source of glucose.

  • With regards to the exercises, but this is the simplest part of you life-style changes, because you have to walk at least 30 minutes every single day.

    However, as you are pregnant, you must talk to your doctor for the
    most suitable physical activities.

    The blood glucose regulation is important in your case, because it can harm not only you but even your baby. So, pay attention to what you are doing, while you are pregnant.

    Moreover, I want to inform you that there are two options for the development of this condition- being diabetic or pre-diabetic, without knowing, before the pregnancy and second- gestational diabetes, because of the pregnancy.

    No matter the circumstances and the exact cause of your condition, now you have gestational diabetes, for which you have to take care.

    Remember being pre-diabetic is not something terrible, the only thing, which you have to do is to keep your blood glucose in normal values by following the right steps.

    Hope it helped!


    natural means to cure diabetes
    by: sarfo kantanka ofori

    Sugar level at 160 is quiet high and in order to avoid complications it must be brought to normal.

    To bring the level to normal, the best thing to do is avoid fatty foods, diary products, red meat, coffee and energy drinks and all forms of canned food.

    Friuts and vegetables must be your friend. Drink a lot of water and do regular exercise.

    Eat a lot dandelion, moringa, lemon with warm water and garlic.

    I did this to cure mine. Anyone who tells you that diabetics has no cure is a liar.

    Natural means to cure it is the best. The doctors have failed to tell us the side effects of their drugs they give to diabetics. Those drugs have a lot of effects on our kidney and liver. This explains why i will recommend natural means to cure diabetes.

    I went through natural means and i am ok. I now look healthier, fresh, handsome and more stronger than before. Try natural means and you will never regret.

    God be with all diabetics.

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