Taking Zomelis 50 mg with fasting sugar 130 mg/dl

by Gourinadha Gupta Jami

QUESTION: Hi,I'm a diabetic and using Zomelis 50 mg once in a day and my sugar level fasting is 130.

Could you please advise whether I should use more medicine..?, I regularly going for morning walk but still levels not coming under control.

Is it not possible to control sugar levels without using medicine? Kindly advise me.

ANSWER: Hi there,

You are right that a fasting blood glucose level of 130 mg/dl is high, especially for a patient who is controlling his diabetes.

It is good that you are going for a walk in the morning, but this is not enough and you have to do several more things in purpose to keep your blood glucose concentration in normal ranges, which are 64.8-104.4mg/dl.

Diet is an important element in your daily diabetic habits. Try to arrange 4-5 small meals, which are not rich in carbs in order to ensure enough, but constant intake of glucose for your organism.

Moreover, this will improve its normal function, but it will be even better for your glucose metabolism.

  • Regarding Zomelis, it is the trade name of Vildagliptine, drug which is increasing the production of insulin.

    According to scientific papers, in general, a dose of 50 mg is enough to control ones diabetes.

    However, there are cases when this dose is not enough, therefore, I suggest to make an appointment with your doctor and to discuss with him the elevation of the blood glucose level and possible adjustments in the therapy or any possible drug replacement.

  • Other thing, which you have to know, is that you can start using some herbs, along with the diet, exercises and drug therapy in purpose to maintain your blood glucose level in normal ranges.

    However, the most important thing is to consult with your doctor about the drug treatment of yours, because with the other things you are just stimulating the effect of the drugs.

    To my point of view, at this moment, you cannot manage to lower blood sugar without the use of medicines. You can try the above-mentioned alternatives all together, and after some time, when your blood glucose is well-stabilized, you can stop taking your drugs. However, you should discuss it with your doctor first.

    Hope it helped!


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