Stop Insulin Injection

by Saurabh


Once we started taking insulin injection to control sugar levels, can we come back on oral medication later?

ANSWER: Hi Saurabh,

To correctly answer your question, I should have data on the type of diabetes you have (type 1 or 2). Different management strategies are recommended for different types of diabetes.

As I do not have that data, according to the info provided by you, I might guess that you are a type 2 diabetic, who is currently on insulin therapy.

Now, coming to your question. In type 2 diabetics, insulin is prescribed only in those cases who are not well-managed (persistent high blood sugar levels although high doses of oral hypoglycemiants).

The insulin therapy is needed to bring your blood glucose back to normal levels in order to minimize the chances of complications.

Once the blood glucose is stabilized, and you are doing well in keeping them under control; then, your doctor will decide if you can re-start oral medication and when.

Now, keep in mind that diabetes cannot only be controlled by medications. Several simple natural steps can give a huge help. If you rely only on the medications; then, I must admit that you will not succeed.

Medications only (administered orally or injected) can lower blood sugar partially. But, if you go on with lifestyles that increases the insulin resistance or blood sugar itself; then, the effect of medications could vanish very quickly.

Furthermore, there would be greater chances for drug resistance. Thus, less effect (near null) is noted.

To sum it up, YES, it is true a type 2 diabetic, after being on insulin injection, can go back on orally medication. However, several changes to lifestyle and diet strategy are also highly recommended.

Please always consult with your doctor in order to come out with the decision most suitable in your case.

Hope it helped!


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