Not Able To Control Blood Sugar Level

by baskaran


I am a diabetic patient for the last 15 years. I am under strict diet control, however my blood sugar level is not under control. Now I am under Insulin.

ANSWER by Dr.Alba:

1. You say that you have been diagnosed with diabetes 15 years ago, and been on strict diet control. Were you diagnosed with type 2 diabetes? Have you taken any drug during this period?

2. You say that your blood sugar is not under control, and you are on Insulin. I need to know if you have taken any other drug before this.

Another thing, diet alone is not enough to lower your blood sugar. You must follow some other lifestyle changes also, such as:

a. If you drink alcohol or smoke, try to quit. It will be hard at the beginning, but you will succeed. Never surrender.

b. If you do not do any exercise, like running, jogging or walking for at least 15 minutes per day, try to start doing it now. Exercise will help your insulin become effective in supplying your cells with glucose.

c. Sometimes, living with diabetes is very stressful, especially when you see others (non-diabetic) that can eat whatever they want. On the other hand, brain is lacking energy (glucose is not getting inside brain's cells); therefore you would experience some "stressful" situations, including mood changes.

Try to find a solution for this. First of all, calm down and think it over. If you get stressed, your blood sugar will come to the peak. As your body cannot put it back to the balance again, your blood glucose levels will remain still high.

d. Think what other medications you're taking; perhaps that is causing your blood sugar to keep high.

At the end, all the above suggestions are based on your saying; please tell if you have taken any other drug before taking insulin and what type of diabetes you have.

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