Is there any natural cures for diabetes type 1

I know that there are so many theories on natural cures for diabetes type 1.

First of all you need to understand that your beta cells do not produce insulin for you as a type 1 diabetic, at all.

What these natural cures do is to substitute the function of insulin missing. Thus, they do not really cure your illness but relieve the symptoms and your entire health.

So, there exist so many herbs, vitamins and minerals, which help your body naturally low your high blood sugar levels.

In this way we say that they are natural cures for diabetes type 1. “Natural cure” does mean to low high blood sugar levels in a metaphoric way.

As mentioned above, what all these herbs, vitamins and minerals do is to mimic the insulin missing. So, your body does not starve anymore the lack of insulin.

Somehow you can consider two main phases of treatment for type 1 diabetes. What I’m talking about is like a deduction and practice for anyone in high risk to develop diabetes.

At a first phrase what you can do is to watch and understand and identify what have caused diabetes type 1, and somehow try to get rid of it and relieve your condition, i.e. find natural cures for diabetes type 1.

Now, you may understand that you must have a good education on what the possible causes of type 1 diabetes are.

By taking the supplements that kills the “guilty” microbes, or other things that dissolve the thick mucus or the scar tissue, and taking the minerals which are important for the body process of making up the inside insulin, will give you a very helpful hand on this.

In this first phase of treating your type 1 diabetes, you can consider the checking for food allergies or any heavy metal in your blood and other probable guilty causes.

Once you have identified the above guilty causes, you need to get rid of them. Some Important foods that causes allergy are the dairy products.

Once you identify them as responsible for your diabetes type 1, you cut them from your daily food list forever.

And in case you may notice heavy metals in your body, you may need some types of chelaton to clear your body from them.

I want to remind you here that if you are under treatment with insulin injections, absolutely do not stop taking them.

What I can advise you is to check with your doctor if you have one of the above problems, and if the advices above are also available for your case.

The second phase you may consider several months after the actions taken the first phase. The basic of this phase is to help your pancreas increase the production of beta cells.

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