Little Girl Weeing & Diabetes?

by Emily

QUESTION: I have a 3 year old girl, who doesn't really eat and keeps weeing all the time,

I am worried she has diabetes, I have this in my family, please help.

Many thanx

emily x

ANSWER: Hi Emily,

There are many causes to the problem with weeing of your doctor. Although diabetes is one of them; however, we should assure that she does not have other problems too:

- Diabetes - persistent high blood sugar. Kidney is not able to keep sugar anymore; therefore, it is excreted in the urine increasing its osmolality. This leads to frequent weeing.

You should check with a pediatrician for a possible diabetes. Other tests like fasting blood glucose or A1c test are also crucial in determining diabetes as a diagnosis.

- Urinary tract or/and kidney infections (UTIs). They are very common in children at the age of your daughter.

Therefore, get an appointment with the pediatrician and ask him if it is needed to do a urine test and urine culture to exclude UTIs.

- Is is hot at the place you are? If yes, does your daughter drink plenty of fluids (including water or other juices)?

If yes, this can explain why your daughter is weeing all the time.

- Next, you are saying that your little girl does not have appetite. The problems she might have like diabetes or infection can reduce her appetite.

One other explanation is related to certain gastrointestinal parasites (helminths, amoebas, etc) that can make her loss appetite.

You can talk to the pediatrician and ask if you can perform a lab test called "Examination of feces for parasites".

My judgement is only a distant one based on your info. However, I would like to have more info regarding your daughter's blood sugar test results, urine tests, fecal tests, and other blood tests.

Your pediatrician can closely follow your daughter giving a more precise opinion.

Hope it helped in lightening the causes of your little girl's weeing problems!


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