Lisinopril kidney diabetes

QUESTION: What is the Lisinopril kidney diabetes link all about? What is the effect of Lisinopril on diabetes and kidney function? Thank you.

ANSWER: Hi there,

At first, I will explain you in brief what Lisinopril does and then I will give you the most important facts about this drug.

  • Lisinopril is ACE-inhibitor, which means that this drug inhibits an enzyme known as Angiotensin converting enzyme. This enzyme is produced from the kidney and it generally causes elevation of the blood pressure.

    Because of this, when this enzyme is blocked by Lisinopril, your blood pressure is normal- 120/80mmHg. You have to know that when the blood pressure is high, the kidney the heart and other organs are suffering and the risk for chronic heart or renal failure is very high.

  • When we are talking about indications of use, you have to know that this drug is used for the treatment of hypertension, chronic heart failure and myocardial infarction.

    Besides this, Lisinopril is applied on patients, who have kidney or eye problems, caused by diabetes.

    In addition, you have to know that patients with diabetes and kidney problems with diabetes have high blood pressure, fluid and electrolyte problems; therefore, this drug improves the condition of such patients.

  • Regarding the precautions, you have to know that generally, this drug is not used in women who are pregnant or who are breastfeeding their babies.

    Besides this, you have to inform your doctor if you have lupus, sclerodermia, liver problems (hepatitis, cirrhosis, liver cancer) and others.

  • The most popular side effect of this drug is dry cough, but other side effects typical for this drug are itching, chills, changes in the urine color or reduced urination.

    You have to inform your doctor, if you notice some or all of the mentioned side effects. In addition, you have to know that these side effects are observed in small number of patients, who are using this drug.

  • As it was mentioned above, Lisinopril reduces your blood pressure. Because of this, this is the major benefit.

    You may think that lowering your blood pressure is not something special, but the elevated blood pressure may cause a lot of problems. That is the reason why it should be treated with medications.

    Hope it helped!


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