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I have been taking Metformin for a long time, maybe 9 years. In 2007 I was diagnosed with oral lichen planus. It was OK for a while until I lost my job and had no insurance to go to the dentist or get the medications.

I thought I was OK and did not know exactly how this disease would show itself. It began with hair brittle hair then hair loss. They checked my thyroid and ran all kinds of tests. They could find nothing.

Then, all of a sudden my mouth became raw and red and was sensitive to things like salt and vinegar. I had a bad taste in my mouth that changed the taste of all my food. Even cigaretts became unbearable.

I search and searched. I get my care from a Veterans Hospital. I cannot get dental privileges.

My primary care knew nothing of this disease. I asked them to give me the prescriptions I was taking before. I am in the process of coordinating them with my former dentist.

Oh by the way along with the ton. I believe this is all related.

Thank you for this site. I might guess issues and cheek issues, I have had a sore throat for months. Without this site, I would never have known the possible causes of all these symptoms.



First, I wish you lots of strength to face this situation, hoping it will be over soon.

Now, with regards to your symptoms, I could guess it might be Lichen planus. However, there are other diseases with the same symptoms. Therefore,
I should ask you some questions as following:

- You are saying that since 2007, you were diagnosed with Lichen planus. In other words, you are suffering from supposed Lichen planus symptoms for more than 5 years.

Usually, the symptoms of Lichen planus disappear within 18 to 24 months. Yours is elongated. I am wondering WHY?

- Have you been treated? What medications have you taken apart Metformin? This is to find the right culprit to your condition.

- Do you have problems only in your throat and mouth? Do you have the same problems at any other site of your body?

This is very important as I want to differentiate with any other mouth disease (such as those of malign type, cancers).

However, in this case, the biopsy can make the differentiation. I would suggest you to perform the biopsy because elongated Lichen planus is related to higher risk for oral cancers.

  • As there is not specific treatment for Lichen planus, I would suggest as following:

    - You are saying that cigarettes are unbearable; meaning you are smoking. Please gather all your strength and stop smoking.

    Together with alcohol, smoking can aggravate your situation, and increasing the risk for oral cancer.

    - Next, please avoid foods that irritate wounds in your mouth, such as:

  • citrus fruits (lemon, orange, grapefruit, etc.);

  • spicy foods,

  • coffee, cola, tea containing caffeine

  • tomato and related foods (sauces or salsa)

  • crispy snacks or those that have salt

    - Regularly brush your teeth twice daily and floss appropriately.

    - Perform the biopsy every six months or yearly.

    - Make regular checkups with your dentist.

    Hope it helped!


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