i keep having high readings like 458,420, or sometimes it says HI

by ron
(illinois usa)

QUESTION: I keep having high readings like 458,420, or sometimes it says HI.

I have not been diagnosed, will see my md next week.


To me, your blood sugar levels are very worrisome although you might not have been diagnosed with diabetes yet.

Further tests, like HA1C, fasting blood glucose, and oral tolerance test would confirm your diabetes diagnose.

However, when you go and check with your MD, please do fast at least 10 hours, in order to get the exact results and to have a fast diagnosing.

Next, do record all the results of your blood sugar tests at home, and the time you have done the tests, and pass them to your MD in order to help him/her better understand your situation.

If you are taking any medicine, like corticosteroids (cortizone) or any other medicine, please tell your doctor about that in order to help him/her find out if your persistent high blood sugar levels are because of the medicines you take or because of diabetes (we doctors call this as differential diagnosis).

Please do indicate your doctor your lifestyle and diet you are following to get the right advices from him/her or to work out with the most appropriate lifestyle or diet programe for you.

Please check also your lipid profile for any abnormalities, especially regarding triglycerides. Persistent high blood sugar levels are usually correlated with high triglycerides levels.

I am in dark knowledge about your age; however, if you are at your 40s, please ask your doctor to check for any prostate problem that usually come at this age.

If you have had any recent infection or viral condition, and have taken medicines, please report it to your MD.

I hope the above helped. All the best!


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