How can I get rid of bad breath?

by misba
(saudi Arabia makkah)


I'm 35 years old men, not married. My health very poor quality. Before I was healthy. I cannot sleep well.

Now have other problem's bad breath. I cannot speak with others it's same very bad breath.

Every day clean 4 - 5 Times my teeth with aloe vera (alovedent) toothpaste.

Also my conditions very dangerous I've no any insurance card to good quality. Doctor please help me bad breath lasts from 1 years or 2 years.

ANSWER: Hi Misba,

I have gone through your questions and understood your concern.

There are various factors causing bad breath:

- stomach problems: gastritis, GERD/reflux. If you are also having stomach complaints such as pain, heartburn. If yes, then, can start stomach medicines: PPIs (omeprazole) or Ranitidine

- liver problems: run abdominal ultrasound and blood liver function tests to exclude them

- bad teeth: should get checked by a dentist to treat them properly

- chronic angina (tonsillitis) or throat infection: should treat with proper antibiotics and oral anti-septics (spray) other than taking good oral hygiene.

Get also checked for diabetes and kidney problems to treat them in time.

Hope it helped!

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