How Can a Gestational Diabetic Lower Fasting Levels without Medication?

QUESTION: This is my 6th pregnancy, and I have had gestational diabetes 2 (diagnosed) or 3(baby was large but passed the 3hr test).

I am 26wks and my fasting blood sugar levels have been creeping up, while my post prandial levels are perfect.

I feel I am eating well to control the diabetes, but I am going to have to go on either glyburide or insulin soon just because of the fasting levels.

I was told when more than half my fasting levels are over 95 I will need to start medication. Right now about 3 a week are over that value.

Is there anything I can do diet or exercise wise to lower them? I have tried eating protien snacks before bed, as well as eating fruit with the snack (ie peice of string cheese and an apple) and I've tried eating a "heartier" snack of peanut butter toast.

Nothing seems to make a difference. But a couple times a week I do have a fasting level in the 70s, but when I try to reproduce it the next day it changes.



Unfortunately, as you are diagnosed with gestational diabetes, you have to bear it until the end of your pregnancy.

If you continue with the lifestyle and diet you are already following, I think you will be able to stabilize your blood sugar at least near normal levels (however, do not expect to get normal figures).

What I can advise is to be close to your doctor, and never ignore his/her advice. In addition, do drink plenty of water and eat frequent meals, but in small portions.

If your doctor decides that you need to go for medications, please follow his/her prescription, because you and your baby need the best assistance.

All the best and hope God will help you and your baby!


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