Hair Loss and Dry Skin Due to Diabetes?

by kristen

QUESTION. I've had Diabetes for more than 12 years now and so far I've had no major complications except for extreme hair loss and dry skin.

I am a female patient and because of this worsening situation, I feel very much worried.

Is my Diabetes causing this? How can I bring back the state of my skin and scalp? Please help me as I've noticed my condition's getting worse every year. Thanks


Hi Kristen,

All your problems with hair loss and dry skin are related to diabetes and the imbalance of blood sugar.

The first thing you should do is to keep your blood sugar under control; this will alleviate your situation.

Another thing: discuss with your doctor if the medicines you are taking can cause hair loss. If yes, discuss for an alternative.

Next, make some lab analysis of your hair. Sometimes, when diabetic, there are so many skin infections (mostly fungus) spring out and they make your hair thin and cause hair loss. The appropriate treatment can ameliorate your situation.

Consult your doctor if you are eligible for hair transplant or hair pieces. Sometimes, when diabetic hair loss is temporary, these are the solutions of choice.

Once again, the most important part is keep your blood sugar optimized. This can ameliorate and nourish your hair and skin.

You may also consult your doctor if you can use some skin moisturizers or any specific hair shampoo to strengthen your hair and reduce the fall.

Hope you had your answers! If not, you can write us again! Good luck and take care!

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