Glucose level high while on medication

by patricia
(orlando florida)

QUESTION: I am taking metformin and glyburide tablets for type 2 diabetes. When i checked my sugar level today it was 390 before eating anything today.

Does that mean i may be in trouble or that my oral meds have stopped working?

ANSWER: Hi Patricia,

Before giving an exact answer, I should know:

- For how long have you been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes? If it is for a long time, then, you should think about some changes in your meds or/and in your lifestyle and diet.

If it is recently, then, please have patience. Usually, newly-diagnosed diabetics will need time to adjust their blood sugar (especially the fasting one) near to normal levels.

- Do you suffer from any other condition (e.g. thyroids, kidneys, liver, etc), or/and do you take any other meds? Usually, these types of conditions and diseases and some specific meds will influence blood sugar although you might be on diabetic drugs.

- If the result of your BG is a fasting one, what did you have for dinner? Usually, heavy dinner will influence BG and it would be difficult for a diabetic to bring it to normal when fasting.

Therefore, try to have your dinner earlier, at least 4 to 6 hours before going to bed, and try to avoid high carb foods in order not to have problems with FBG.

- Usually, a well-followed lifestyle and diet will help to control your diabetes. However, when this is not possible, maybe you need to change your scheme of medications.

Therefore, talk to your doctor about this possibility. But, only after you have done the above-mentioned adjustments.

Furthermore, please measure your BG for 1 week, fasting, 2 hours after eating; in between meals; record the results and present them to your doctor for better judgement and decision.

This is all I can tell you on distance. Your doctor knows better your medical history; therefore, his/her opinion is decisive.

All the best!


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