Get informed on what you are really treating diabetes

by Josh
(wasaga, canada)

EXPERIENCE: I was told I have type 2 in dec 2011. My doctor put me on metformin asap claiming it would help prevent diabetes and progression.

At first I listened and started the meds, I also started herbal treatments and other things. In 3 months, I hit a 5% a1c and the only issue was high creatine.

I looked into why it would be high and it:-)turns out when your body starts:-)to:-)fix itself and produce its own insulin and manage glucose but is hindered by medications, you get that effect.

I have used herbs diet and exercise to beat this, if hereditary it might be different, however when eating and exercising make sure you really are and not just kidding yourself, i do at least an hour of cardio on an eliptical a day plus walk plus lift weights every other day.

I believe this is curable but a lot of work, the major issue is cleaning out your system.

Cleanse, take herbs, avoid restaurant foods, even healthy claims usually are worse than you think.

Best of luck to all fighting this, and be careful with meds. .. They treat the effect,:-)and that is why it is progressive, you get weaker with meds where herbs and natural healing strengthens.

Think about it, how much money is treatment worth and how much loss would be caused if a cure was announced, thats why nothing will be cured by meds, they stopped curing disease at polio, its too big a loss fir the drug companies.

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