Gestational Diabetes with Normal Range of Blood Sugar

QUESTION: I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I have been testing for 3 weeks now and I have yet to have a bad sugar test.

They are always within range no matter what I eat. The only day it was high was when I was really sick and ate nothing all day except cough drops for a sore throat and was in bed all day.

So, my question is was I misdiagnosed with it or borderline. One doc told me I passed and another one said I didn't.

This is a lot of stress on someone who might not have it at all my test are usually in the 80s or 90s after all my meals didn't matter what I eat. Sometimes, in the 60s now my castings are 90 almost every day but I go 12 to 13 hours without eating at night.

I'am used to eating only one meal a day anyway my whole life when i got prego i up-ed it to two. I have a lot of stress in my life without watching a clock all day and eating no garb foods or worring about my sore fingers.

I am ready to say I am done with the testing and they misdiagnotised me.

ANSWER: To exactly say "you are misdiagnosed" I should know more on your clinical details:

1. You say, you were diagnosed with gestational diabetes. This means that you are pregnant. Therefore, to exactly diagnose gestational diabetes, you should have gone through the gestational diabetes test (when you go to the lab, they measure your central blood sugar at baseline, then give you a sweet drink, then measure the blood sugar again after 1 hour, 2 hours).

If the results of the test indicate high blood sugar levels, then your diagnosis is "gestational diabetes". I do not know whether you run through this test or not.

2. You measure your blood sugar at home and it is always within the normal range. This might have the following explanations:

a. Once you were diagnosed with gestational diabetes, your doctor advised to conduct a healthy lifestyle and eating habits. All these changes can contribute to reducing blood sugar.

b. Perhaps your doctor prescribed insulin. If yes, then that could also explain your normal levels of blood glucose.

The information I can give to you is only general and based on your statements. Therefore, in lack of your medical records data, I can only advise to talk to your doctor about your problem.

You say you have asked one doctor and others. Please follow-up with only one doctor. Do not skip from one to another, because they will confound you.

If you are pregnant, please consult your gynecologist; if the gynecologist asked to see an endocrinologist, then go to follow-up with gestational diabetes. But, remember to give the results or advices or prescription obtained by your endocrinologist to your gynecologist.

3. Next, you say, that the only time you had a high blood sugar level was when you took cough drops. Perhaps they could cause your increased blood sugar (as some of them contain sugar or inhibit insulin secretion); however, I do not know what type did you took to tell you better.

Remember: the diagnose of gestational diabetes is not based on your personal measurements for blood sugar (at home) but in clinic (by measuring blood glucose from your central vein via the above-mentioned test).

All the best.


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