What are the pregnant lady sugar range?

by Sandeep

QUESTION: What are the pregnant lady sugar range?

ANSWER: Hi Sandeep,

Generally the normal blood glucose level of a pregnant woman is just like the one for every healthy person 3.5-6.1mmol/l or 64.8-104.4mg/dl, depending on the unit of measurement. However, interesting fact is that some of the pregnant women are having slight elevation of the blood glucose concentration.

This elevation is caused by increased consumption of glucose, because during pregnancy, ladies think to eat for two organisms. But,this elevation may appear because of the inability of your body to produce enough insulin for you and for the baby.

This condition is known as gestational diabetes and it common in the pregnant women. Patients with gestational diabetes are obligated to use drugs, which are reducing the blood glucose concentration of theirs, but a confirmation of this diagnose is must.

So, if the blood glucose result of your is little bit elevated, you have to visit your gynecologists for consultation. There are several other these, which has to be estimated in purpose to confirm or exclude diabetes as diagnose.

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Gestational Diabetes with A1C Level of 6.2%

by Geeta

I am 32 yrs old and 32 weeks pregnant, on 28th weeks of pregnany doctor took oral glucose tolerence test (50gm of glucose after 1 hr)it was 6.2 mmol/l this week (32).

Again the doctor took the fasting Blood glucose,pp and hba1c test and the test result is BGF is 3.5mmol/l ,PP is 4.9,mmol/land A1c is 6.2%

Is it normal or i am in risk of gestational diabetes? I am worried about it because HbA1c is 6.2%?

please help me

ANSWER: Hi Geeta,

First of all, I want to tranquilize you and say to keep calm. Nothing good comes from being stressed. On contrary, you will increase chances to become ill.

Now, coming to your concern. From what you are saying, I do not think you have gestational diabetes. The control of blood sugar your doctor asked and performed to you is to assure whether you are or/and have the chances to a diabetic or not.

It is like a routine test set while following-up a pregnant woman during her pregnancy. According to the ADA recommendations for 2011, if you had the following results - 92 mg/dL (5.1 mmol/L) at baseline; or ≥180 mg/dL (9.9 mmol/L) after 1 hour; or ≥153 mg/dL (8.4 mmol/L) after 2 hours; then, we can say that you are a diabetic.

As you may see yourself, your blood sugar readings are far away from that of a diabetic; therefore, you should not be worried about that. Just try to relax and think that you are going to have your baby in your arms very soon:)

  • With regards to your A1C level, I could say that you should not worried about that too. This is because an A1C level of 0.2 points more than the normal level is not something to be worried out. Usually, such little points we do not count.

    However, such oscillations of blood sugar during the last 3 months is explained with your increased needs for nutrients and energy for the baby-in-come.

    So, your body is supplying your baby with enough nutrients for him/her to develop and grow-up. These nutrients are taken from you (i.e. your bloodstream) by increasing the sugar or nutrients concentration to your bloodstream and give to your baby and keep something for yourself:))

    As you may say, this is a perfect natural balance, and you should not be worried about. However, I could say to discuss further with your personal doctor as he/her knows better your medical history that I do not.

    Hope the best for you and your baby!


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