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Jun 14, 2013
it seems i might not have had to take metformin
by: Anonymous

COMMENT: I have been on metformin for 7 yrs, i decided to stop taking the botany drug.

jan '13 why , my blood sugar was o.k. my aic was ok.

What harm has this drug done to my system if after all this time I did not need to take this drug ??


As you are providing very little information on your current health situation, I cannot judge correctly regarding your use of Metformin.

However, I would say, that the very first line of treatment is the healthy lifestyle and diet changes (i.e. Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes = TLC) for at least, the first 3 months.

After this period, your doctor would judge your progress and decide if you would be eligible to Metformin or other hypoglycemic drugs.

Hope it helped!


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