Disabled type 1 Diabetic

by Robert Allen
(205 Nevada , Texas , 75173)

Question: Hello,

I'm a diabetic type 1 , also a disabled vet from the Vietnam war. I am having trouble with this disease and have been in 2 comas.

Had surgery to restore my legs, 3 surgeries to help my right eye see some what, and have Dr.s that don't communicate information well at all.

I'm 100% disabled vet and am considering going outside the VA for proper help with the conditions I have , I have hypertension, bad kidneys, liver is clear of hep A, B, and C ,

I'm getting a little afraid of the treatments I'm getting from the VA Dr.s and need advice asap !

Answer: Hello,

I am sorry for the health problems you are going through.

Having type 1 diabetes especially if uncontrolled, is associated with higher chances for complications.

Diabetic neuropathy is one the most severe complications, apart those related to cardiovascular complications.

Being in coma I think is associated to treatment you are currently taking. Please mention the medications you are taking, and the blood sugar levels as per your lab results.

We should understand if they are extremely high or low blood glucose levels.

With regards to hypertension, I think you should get your blood pressure measured, record the results and pass to me to understand respective changes.

With regards to kidney and liver function, I need to have a look at the lab tests first before running into final conclusions.

Unfortunately, diabetes can also affect the eye negatively, as per in your case you had gone through three eye surgeries. Uncontrolled blood sugar can have negative impact, that's why it is extremely important to keep them under control.

It is very important to understand the fluctuation in your blood sugar levels and lab results, and your current treatment for a more specific opinion.

All the best.


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