Is Diabetes Foot Numbness Reversal?

QUESTION: My mum has started to feel this numbness on her foot. She is diabetic, and sometimes, she says it is like electrical shock, cannot bare it; but it is not painful.

I was wondering if her diabetes foot numbness can be reversed. If she takes the right precautions, will she not feel the numbness anymore?

By the way, is there any treatment best for this diabetic condition?

ANSWER: Hi there,

In most cases, patients with diabetes are developing diabetic neuropathy, which is causing similar symptoms and mainly loss of sensitivity for hold, cold and others.

This condition is caused by persistent elevated blood glucose concentration, but the good thing is that it can be reversed and treated, if it is in the early stages.

I don’t know the exact condition of your mother; therefore, I suggest to take her to the doctor, because he/she is the only one, who is able to establish the exact diagnose.

I’m telling you this, because sometimes similar symptoms can appear during other medical condition, like vitamin B12 deficiency, tobacco and alcohol consumption and others.

Anyways, if the numbness on the foot of your mother is caused by diabetic neuropathy, she can start treatment with alpha-lipoid acids.

This kind of acid is used in the last few years for the treatment of diabetic neuropathy and it is proved to work.

You have to know that this substance improves the condition of such patients and it reduces the risk for the future development of diabetic neuropathy.

However, this treatment has to be executed according to certain therapy plans and your doctor will inform you about it. This is another reason, why you should go and visit him.

Hope it helped!


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Type 2 Diabetic Foot Problems

by Ramu


I am 28.Suffering with Type-2 diabetics. My sugar levels are normal. But bottom part of my body (from stomach to foot) i am feeling like burning sensation.

Could you please let me know if it is because of nueropathy damages?

ANSWER: Hi Ramu,

First, I do not know what you call for
normal blood sugar levels of yours. Actually, I want to know if you are having fluctuations of repeated high and low blood glucose levels to understand better your situation.

Next, it could be a sign of neuropathy signalling that your body tissues (especially nerves) are not receiving the energy (glucose) they need.

You are too young to think of worst, because your body have the ability to regenerate more than and older person has.

Therefore, do not think as you are ill and just stay and wait. No, that is the worst thing to do.

Conduct your normal life, if you notice your blood sugar is going down, try to have a snack; and please, have your meals regularly, do not skip as it turn your situation for worst.

Drink plenty of water, and walk, to put your lower limbs in the movement As a consequently, the blood will flow better and all the tissues (including the nerves) will receive their nutrients and energy.

If you feel still burning sensation, prepare a bath with peroxide oxygen (find at a drug store) and warm water and put your feet inside and let for at least 15 minutes. It won't cause any harm at all, but will help alleviate your burning sensation as it oxygenate your feet and their tissues (including nerves).

All the best!


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