QUESTION: My question would be, what are the chances of pregancy being diabetic, and I only have my right tube, as the left tube has been damaged due to an ectopic pregnancy previously.

What are my chances of conceiving normally, and how long would it take as I just found out recently that I am diabetic?

ANSWER: Hi there,

You have to know that the chances of being pregnant are not depending on diabetes. Yes, it is true that diabetes messes up your metabolism, but it’s not affecting your ability to have children.

There are many cases of mothers, who are pregnant, and had a diabetes diagnosed before the pregnancy, just like you.

However, the most important thing is the fact of having one damaged tube. As you probably know, the ovaries do alternate their work during the production of ovum. In other words, one month the right ovary produces ovum and the next month the left one.

So far, I don’t know how damaged the unique tube of yours is and if it is still able to execute its physiological functions, so I can’t explain you exactly what your chances are.

However, the modern medicine is offering a lot of solutions, regarding this problem. As you probably know, there are in-vitro clinics, which are helping women to get pregnant.

I’m not telling you that you will have difficulties to get pregnant, but with the artificial insemination is going to be a lot easier for you to succeed.

Besides this, the artificial insemination is better, because you are under strict control of specialist all the time and he/she will not control only your pregnancy, but even your diabetes.

I hope that everything will be ok soon and remember, you diabetes is not a problem to get pregnant and there are no such thing as impossible.

Hope it helped!


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