Can Stem Cells Cure Diabetes for Real?

by Jim

QUESTION: I run a history family of diabetes, and I don't want to get it.

I heard about stem cells curing diabetes, and want to know if this is a real thing?

Are stems cells cure for diabetes? Do stem cells cure type 1 diabetes only, or can be used even for type 2 diabetes?

What about their efficacy? What do the research concluded? Have they put it in practice? What's the cost of a stem cells cure for diabetes?

Answer Hi there,

You have to know that the stem cell treatment for diabetes is a real innovation in the modern medicine.

However, this kind of treatment is still not spread world-wide and several other things have to be taken into consideration and improved at the same time.

The important fact is that still experimental treatment is really helping people, because one of the statistics shows that about 1.300, people are getting stem cells transplantation a year and 83% of them are obtaining all the benefits of this treatment.

Under benefits, I mean that they are not experiencing all the symptoms of diabetes and they are not obligated to take drugs to lower their blood glucose.

However, as you can see there are 17%, which are not so lucky, and they have to continue taking their drugs.

Important fact is that this kind of therapy is used in patients with both diabetes type 1 and type 2.

One of the disadvantages is that very specific immunological corresponding has to be estimated. Under immunological corresponding, I mean that the cells of the patient have to be similar to those, which we want to transplant.

It may sound easy, but a lot of tests have to be estimated in purpose to establish this.

The bad thing, regarding your question, is that I can’t inform you about the exact price of this therapy.

You have to know that the cultivation of the stem cells, along with their transplantation and the drugs used during your stay in the hospital, are expensive. However, every hospital, which is executing this kind of treatment, defines its exact price.

Hope it helped!


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