Can diabetes be healed without insulin pricks?

by Rehana

QUESTION: Anything else that can control diabetes without a headache?

We are sick of monitoring and pin pricks wether checking Blood Sugar or injecting insulin.

What about the best herbal cure? I know of vinegar,cinnamon,bitter melon,salajeet,fenugreek---any herbal medicine that really controls?

Kindly help me.
Come up with cards with dos and donts to ward of diabetes.
Any patch?
Any puff?
Any rub?
They say one mi ute cure for all ailments id water---true but one forgets---.
Kindly help us with something new and effective.

ANSWER: Hi there,

I understand your concerns. But, I want you to keep in mind that we gather all the available medical information regarding diabetes and pass that to you in the simplest and in the most accurate way.

I also want to come out with new ideas to beat diabetes; however, this is all we can provide to you.

  • Now, regarding your first concern about the administration of insulin without shots, I have to inform you that there is no such thing so far.

    However, if we are talking about stimulation of insulin production, remember that there are several drugs on the market, which help your body to produce insulin. The most popular group of such drugs is Sulfonylureas.

  • Moreover, I want you to keep in mind two things:

    The first one is that those drugs are used on patients with diabetes type 2, because their body is still able to produce insulin, although not an effective one.

    The other thing is that those drugs are prescribed only by doctor due to their side effects and the drug interactions.

    So, if you want to use such drug, you need to talk to your doctor about it, no matter if you haven’t told me what type of diabetes you have.

  • With regards to your second concern, but there is no way for some one to measure his/hers blood glucose level without pricks.

    This is because you must have an access to a blood vessel of yours, in purpose to extract blood and measure the concentration of glucose.

    Yes, I agree that there are some modern apparatuses, which can measure your blood glucose level through skin, but their efficiency and accuracy are
    not proved yet.

  • The diabetic treatment is something very complex, because you have to combine physical activities along with diet, drug and herb treatment.

  • You asked me for any particular herb, which can lower the blood glucose concentration. Some of them include Kangkong, Neem, Kudzu, Tumeric and Aloe Vera.

    These herbs are claimed as effective during the last few years, but you have to talk with your doctor and pharmacist, because only they can provide you detailed information about the producer of those herbs in your country and how much you have to take of them, in purpose to maintain controlled blood glucose level.

    Remember to use only one of the herbs mentioned above, because all they may lead to very low blood glucose level- hypoglycemia.

  • So, your first “to-do” is to take your pills (if you have diabetes type 2) or shots, along with herbs according to the daily dose prescribed by your doctor.

    The second “to-do” is to follow a healthy diet. With the diet, you will control the intake of glucose, which of course will result with blood glucose concentration within the reference ranges.

    In purpose to obtain this effect, eating around 4-5 times a day and every meal has to be no more than 250g can also help.

    In addition, keep in mind that the consumption of pork, beef and sweet things are not something good for her, because of the risk for elevated blood glucose and blood cholesterol levels.

    Remember to tell her to concentrate on fish and vegetables, because they contain important nutrients for the glucose metabolism.

  • Other thing is to start doing some kind of physical activity. In this way, you can burn the excessive amount of glucose in your body, which will make her blood glucose control quite easier.

    Walking for at least 30 minutes a day and to run for another 30 minutes can be some helpful activities.

    I know that this sound complex to you, but it is some kind of routine that every diabetic should get used to it.

    At last, we will try to come out with the latest news regarding beating diabetes, therefore, you can follow our updates.

    Thank you for your contribution and hope our suggestions could help!


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