Caffeine Insulin Resistance Affect?

by Jenn

I love coffee, sometimes I can drink until 10 cups of coffee per day. Recently, I had some symptoms related to insulin resistance, made some tests (I don't have the results yet)to confirm my insulin resistance.

I want to know what's between coffee and insulin resistance? Does coffee have negative effect on insulin resistance? Do you know how the coffee insulin resistance affect is (any mechanism or whatever)?

As I love coffee, how many cups of coffee can I have per day? Is there any difference between the effect of decaffeinated coffee and other types on blood sugar levels? What kind of coffee is the best alternative?

Answer: Caffeine Can Decrease Insulin Sensitivity!
by: Alba

Coffee is a lovely drink to everyone. Even certain caffeine foods and drinks (like cola) are also loved by everyone. However, this "love" has not good consequences.

There are certain studies that confirm the decreasing effect of insulin sensitivity caused by caffeine. To date, in one randomized, double-blind, crossover study, caffeine or placebo were given to 12 healthy volunteers.

Results showed an 15% decrease in insulin sensitivity, increased free fatty acids, high blood pressure and catecholamines (epinephrine and less increased norepinephrine).

In this study, it was postulated that decreased insulin sensitivity caused by caffeine administration in healthy individuals is induced by the increased epinephrine levels.

Furthermore, another study showed a decrease in glucose synthase in musculoskeletal tissue attributed to caffeine intake.

Most doctors advise not to exceed 2 cups of coffee per day. The amount of caffeine intake depends on the type of coffee you take. Usually, it is between 90 and 150 mg.

On the other side, doctors advise to limit intake of teas (contain 30 to 70 mg of caffeine) or other sources of caffeine like chocolate bars, cola drinks, etc.

They stress the younger children should avoid intake of these kind of foods or beverages, which can contribute in early development of type 2 diabetes .
by: Alba

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