Blood sugar monitoring pump to monitor blood glucose?

QUESTION: Does a blood sugar monitoring pump exist? Can it really monitor blood glucose? How can we use it if yes?

ANSWER: Hi there,

Yes, there are several apparatuses, which are
measuring your blood glucose level and injecting you with insulin at the same time.

However, the bad thing in here is that they are too expensive. However, their exact cost depends on the little gadgets you need to get supplied with some of these devices.

According to the opinion of specialists and people who are using devices from this kind, the best one is DANA Diabecare. This pump is approved by FDA, which is talking about its effectiveness.

  • You have to know that DANA insulin pump is composed from several parts. The first part is the main mechanism, which you have to keep with you. It has a small display on it showing the exact time of measurement and the blood glucose amount.

  • Besides the small display, there are several buttons with which you are controlling the period between the blood glucose measurement and amount of insulin injected. With regards to the size, the main mechanism is as bigger as one of the new smartphones on the market.

  • In addition, there is a place inside this mechanism, where you are putting a small insulin container. You have to know that the display is showing you how much insulin there is inside the container.

  • Moreover, this device has an alarm reminding you each time the amount of insulin in the container is running low.

  • The third part of DANA insulin pump is a small tube, which is situated under your skin. This small tube is
    used for the
    insulin injections and the blood glucose measurement.

    You have to know that there is another alarm ringing when this device is measuring your blood glucose. So, it will help you monitoring and controlling your diabetes very well.

    The good thing about this pump is that it is making a calculation about the exact dose of insulin, which you need. These calculations are made right after the blood glucose test.

  • Keep in mind that this device is recording the values of the insulin test during the day. One of the gadgets of this device is that it has a Wi-Fi in it, so it can send the value of your blood glucose to the doctor directly.

    Hope it helped!


    Some new way to have insulin without the prick?
    by: AnonymousRehana

    QUESTION: Are there insulin tablets?


    Anything but no pricks that would measure blood sugar and relese insulin---via mouth?

    Any herb beside fenugreek,cinnamon,turmeric,salajeet,vinegar--wild melon--how much?

    ANSWER: Hi Rehana,

    I understand that it is hard for a diabetic to keep their blood sugar under control. It is hard but not impossible.

    It needs a strong willing and determination to follow the right natural steps along with drugs and effective herbs.

    We are trying to keep you update with the latest news regarding diabetes and everything related to it. This is how we can offer our help to you for the moment. We are only gathering all the information and passes to you.

    You can discuss with your doctor the suggestions we give you as he/she can determine the right solutions for your case.

    You are welcomed to follow our updates hoping to help you as much as we can.

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