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by Michele

QUESTION: My husband went to the urgent care on Thursday. He has never been diagnosed with diabetes. His blood sugar level was 599 and this was seven hours after he had eaten.

They gave him pills to take morning and night. His blood sugar still 300 to 400 and it is now Saturday night. He has an appointment Monday with a new md.

Do we just wait till Monday or has his blood sugar been too high for too long and do we need to go to er?

ANSWER: Hi there,

I understand your worries. I want you to keep in mind that the human body is a very adaptive system and it can compensate large changes in the metabolism like the high elevation of blood sugar in your husband's case.

Besides this, please understand that the effect of the drug treatment can’t appear so fast. Generally, the full effect is observed after the first week of the drug’s usage.

Moreover, our body excretes the excessive amount of glucose with the urine, which prevents for certain period the diabetic complications onset.

So, the most important thing in your husband's case is to follow the instruction of your doctor regarding the medications.

Furthermore, as you have an appointment with another md (most probably endocrinologist); wait for that day and follow the instructions given rigorously.

  • Besides this, your husband has to make some severe lifestyle changes, because those changes will help him to keep his blood glucose readings within the reference ranges.

    1. Inform your husband that he has to start low-carb and low fat diet. Such diet will reduce the intake of glucose and it will bring his blood glucose results back to normal.

    Remember that he is not allowed to smoke, to eat pork, beef and
    other red meats, to drink alcohol and he has to avoid chocolate and other sweet things.

    Force him, if it is necessary, to make a meal plan composed of 4-5 small meals a day. Such meal plan will ensure him constant intake of nutrients.

    2. The other thing is to start doing exercises. The physical activity, no matter its kind, will help him to burn the excessive amount of glucose.

    For untrained person, it is good to start with running or walking for about 30 minutes every day. With the time, he has to increase the duration of the physical activity. For example at the end of the first month, he has to run or/and walk for about 1 hour a day.

    3. You have to know that the medications are not the only remedy, which can bring the blood glucose level of your husband back to normal.

    There are some very effective herbs on the market which can do this. Some of those herbs are cinnamon, gymnema sylvestre and bitter melon.

    Keep in mind that most of those herbs are at the form of capsules, so it would be easier for your husband to take them.

    However, I have to inform you that the herbs in the case of your husband will stimulate the effect of the drug treatment. So, combine of the herbs mentioned above, with the drug treatment provided by your doctor.

    One more time, you have to wait until Monday and to listen closely to what the doctor will tell you. He will give you detailed instructions about the drug treatment, which you have to follow strictly.

    You can let your husband's doctor know the advices I gave to you and discuss them with him/her for the best management of your husband's health condition.

    Hope it helped!


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