Banana flower for gestational diabetes

QUESTION: One of my friends told me about taking banana flower for gestational diabetes? Is it really good? If yes, how to use?


Gestational diabetes is a condition occurred during pregnancy. The only symptom of this condition is the elevation of the blood sugar level. After the baby is born, the amount of glucose in the mother’s organism becomes normal.

The explanation of this condition is hidden in the impossibility of the pancreas to secrete insulin enough for the mother and for the baby.

This is happening especially during the third month of the pregnancy. The elevation of the blood sugar in the organism of the mother is leading to an elevation of the sugar in the baby organism.

Therefore, babies born from women with gestational diabetes are larger and bigger than normal. The explanation of this is that the glucose in the blood of the mother is passing through the placenta and goes directly to the blood stream of the baby.

In this way, the baby has more glucose than it is needed and for that reason it becomes bigger than normal. Mothers who are suffering from gestational diabetes are at higher risk for developing diabetes type 2 in the future.

There are several ways, which are suitable for women with gestational diabetes to control their blood sugar level during pregnancy.

  • The fist one of them is to take medications prescribed by
    their doctors. These medications are anti-diabetic drugs which are stimulation the secretion of insulin.

  • Besides this, you can use a decoction made of banana flower as a remedy for the treatment of gestational diabetes.

    You need one banana flower, one large red onion, one tbsp. of vegetable oil, one tsp. of mustard seeds, one tbsp. of chana dhal, one tbsp. of urad dhal, half of tsp. of Tumeris Powder and quarter cup of grated unsweetened coconut.

    To make this decoction you have to boil the banana flower for 10 minutes. After this, you have to drain the water and to squeeze the flower in purpose to remove the excessive water.

    The next step is to heat the oil and to add the mustard seeds. Let them pop and add the channa dal, urad dal and the red chillies. Mix this well and leave this mixture to cool.

    Then, you have to mix the onion and the sauté and boil them for about two minutes at medium fire. After this, you have to add the turmetic and to remove this mixture from the hot plate.

    At last you have to combine all these and to fry them at medium fire. You have to stir well and to add salt at taste.

    You can drink this decoction 2-4 times per day, and in few days, you will obtain the needed result. Furthermore, your baby will born with normal height and weight.

    All the best!


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