Random blood sugar 400-157

by Aimee


Three weeks before, my husband rendom blood sugar level is 400 but now 157.

Is this good or bad?

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Jan 21, 2017
Doing great....
by: Dr.Albana

Hello Aimee,

Random glucose testing is important to distinguish how effective the treatment is. In diabetic people, the numbers for random glucose levels may vary widely.

The comparison between days is not the right one. Take the random glucose test multiple times during a day and compare the numbers.

In a diabetic person, they may vary more than in normal people but they must not vary too widely. If they do vary a lot this means that the treatment is not effective or your husband is not following it.

The glucose levels must stay relatively stable as much as possible. Also, stress, diet and the time of the time may influence the results.

It is important to control diabetes in order to prevent serious complications in the future and current symptoms.

Hope this is helpful for your husband.

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