Blood sugar level 127-200 mg/dL (7.1-11.1 mmol/L)

Blood sugar level 127 200

Having a blood sugar level 127-200 mg/dl means that you might be suffering from diabetes or you have high risk to get diabetes. Normally, when fasting, the blood sugar level should be less than 110 mg/dl.

One or two hours after a meal, levels up to 180 mg/dl are considered normal. But, having blood sugar level more than 180 m/dl, even after a meal means that you have diabetes.

Find out the mechanisms, symptoms, treatment and prevention of fasting, after eating and drug-induced hyperglycemia.

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Prevention of diabetes while having blood sugar level 127-200 mg/dl

Diabetes is a sneaky disease. It can cause no symptom until it has advanced much. In people with a  positive familiar history of diabetes, measuring glucose levels every 6 months is advisable.

For other people, the measurement of glucose should be done every year.

If already having prediabetes, lifestyle changes are necessary to prevent it from developing type 2 diabetes.

Sometimes, according to your condition, your doctor might prescribe you diabetes-lowering drugs.

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